Zygomatic Implants - Carbondale, IL

A Second Chance at New Smile

Zygomatic Dental Implants Are Your Solution

If you have lost most or all your teeth and are living with the debilitating consequences, including extensive bone loss, you may believe—or have been told—that you don’t qualify for a new smile with dental implants. When this is the case, know that our experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons, Dr. Billy Laun and Dr. Frederick Gustave, can provide predictable replacement of all your teeth with help from zygomatic dental implants in Carbondale, IL.

An alternative to extensive bone grafting and sinus lift procedures, this solution allows us to restore a full arch of teeth by bypassing the compromised upper jaw entirely and securing longer, specialized implants into the cheekbones instead. In most cases, we can immediately load a prosthesis, so you can experience restored function and aesthetics on the day of your dental implant surgery!

Amazing Outcomes with Zygomatic Dental Implants

Zygomatic dental implants in Carbondale, IL give you more than a new smile—they can give you your life back, no matter what circumstances led you to no longer qualify for traditional solutions. Their lasting benefits include:

  • Eliminate the need for grafting or sinus lifts
  • Immediate loading of teeth the day of surgery
  • Faster than the traditional treatment process
  • Fixed prosthesis for daily biting and chewing
  • Personalized, beautiful set of functional teeth
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Technology-Driven, Expert Care

Traditional dental implants placed in the jawbone require a significant level of training and technology to be successful. Even more so, zygomatic dental implant placement requires considerable skill and precision to be properly positioned in the cheekbones while also protecting fragile sinus cavities and other critical structures of the face. Our surgeons have over 45 years of combined experience and place over 500 dental implants each year. Along with achieving the highest level of training in orofacial surgeries, they have a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy and far-reaching experience placing a variety of dental implant types across simple to complex patient cases. Our surgeons represent the only dental specialty truly qualified to offer zygomatic dental implants and do so routinely with great success for patients who have previously been told they do not qualify for dental implants or who have failed treatment in the past.

Precision Surgical Treatment

Successful treatment begins with meticulous diagnostic and surgical planning, with every patient receiving a CBCT scan used to virtually map out dental implant surgery with X-Guide® technology. This provides critical insight into the exact anatomical structures of your face so we can digitally plan your surgery with confidence and ensure a precise fit of your overdenture or fixed set of teeth. From these images and plans, we also craft a custom surgical guide and use X-Guide technology to receive real-time, turn-by-turn guidance during surgery eliminating virtually all room for error.

During your surgery, you’ll be comfortably resting in one of our surgical suites under a custom level of anesthesia to ensure a smooth and pain-free experience. Our oral surgeons will place your zygomatic dental implants and any additional dental implants precisely into your jaw. Once secured in the bone, we’ll assess their primary stability using our state-of-the-art Osstell® ISQ machine. Using this machine provides us with a significantly more precise and consistent measurement of your implant stability than taking an x-ray. We’ll always ensure a high ISQ value before immediately attaching your full arch prosthesis.

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