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TMJ Surgery from the Experts

Your TM joints are some of the most complex in your body, allowing you to move your jaw in virtually any direction. If these joints are not functioning properly (TMJ disorder), you can experience chronic facial pain, popping, clicking, and difficulty with everyday movements like eating, speaking and yawning. To treat your debilitating symptoms, our oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Billy Laun, offer comprehensive TMJ treatment, including TMJ surgery in Carbondale, IL. Specialists in areas of the teeth, mouth, and jaw, our oral surgeons take over 45 years of combined experience to diagnose your unique symptoms and treat your TMJ disorder.

Signs of TMJ Disorder

  • Facial and jaw pain
  • Jaw aching or discomfort
  • Pain around ears
  • Difficulty eating
  • Popping or clicking
  • Locking of the TM joint

Choose the TMJ Specialists

Due to the complexity of the TM joints and their relation to the function of the mouth, only a trained specialist should be completing your treatment. TMJ surgery requires meticulous planning that reflects the unique symptoms of each patient to effectively treat TMJ disorder and restore comfortable function to the jaw and joints. Our oral surgeons have years of advanced training outside of dental school, making them the only recognized specialists who focus solely on diagnosing and treating problems with the jaws, mouth, teeth, and joints. They have the expertise to provide both surgical and non-surgical treatments for a comprehensive range of mild to severe cases of TMJ disorder as well as licensing to offer full office-based anesthesia services to ensure your comfort. As one of their specialties, TMJ treatment from our experienced surgeons is comprehensive and personalized, with predictable and lasting results.

Our Personalized TMJ Treatment

We begin every TMJ treatment process with a personalized consultation. It’s critical to understand your unique anatomy and symptoms to develop a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. You’ll first undergo a physical exam as well as an MRI, so we can assess the TM joint discs and surrounding tissues and determine if TMJ surgery is needed or if we can take a more conservative approach. Our TMJ treatments include:

Anti-inflammatory medication can help temporarily reduce jaw pain and inflammation of the TM joints.

Muscle relaxers like Flexeril work effectively to block sensations of pain in the jaw and TM joints along with helping to reduce the frequency of muscle spasms.

BOTOX injected into the jaw muscles and other muscles of the face can provide relief from joint tenderness and pain during everyday movements.

TM joint pain can result from chronic teeth grinding and clenching. A custom night guard worn during sleep keeps the teeth from touching. This allows the jaws, joints, and muscles to relax and rebalance to relieve discomfort during the day.

Jaw joint arthrocentesis is a procedure that introduces sterile fluid to help flush out the buildup of fluid in the TM joints. The lower jaw discs may also be manipulated back into proper position to improve comfortable function.

For jaw problems resulting from improper position of the discs, a disc plication can effectively adjust their location so the jaw can move comfortably.

If symptoms are not relieved with more conservative methods, a discectomy procedure can replace the problematic disc with an artificial one to restore proper movement and function.

Stop living with jaw pain and start living.

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