LANAP® Laser Gum Disease Treatment

Minimally Invasive Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease isn’t widely talked about, but can have a big impact on your life. Patients suffering from gum disease often feel less confident and fear losing their teeth. Our office is certified in a unique laser gum disease treatment, the LANAP protocol. The LANAP® protocol uses a special dental laser, the PerioLase® MVP-7™. A tiny fiber about the width of three human hairs in inserted between the gum tissue and teeth, where it targets and destroys bacteria deep within the pockets of the gums without affecting healthy tissue. Because of the gentle nature of the procedure, patients typically see immediate results with less bleeding when brushing and less bad breath.  Of course, your gums need time to recover and heal, but after LANAP® treatment, you can drive your car, go back to work, or do anything else you like.

Gum disease is a dangerous and progressive condition that should never be ignored. Beginning when bacterial plaque releases toxins and infects the gum tissues, this disease will continue to damage the oral structures until significant damage to the gums and bone has occurred. Advanced stages of gum disease are characterized by chronic infection and inflammation, receding gums, loose teeth, persistent bad breath, bone loss, and in some cases even tooth loss. Treating gum disease means more than avoiding these concerns; it can also reduce the risk of systemic health complications involving diabetes, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and stroke. To treat your gum infection and restore your oral and physical health, our oral and maxillofacial surgeons offer minimally invasive laser gum disease treatment with LANAP® in Carbondale, IL.

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  • LANAP Protocol - laser gum disease treatment
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The Only FDA Approved Laser Solution For Regeneration

LANAP uses the power of science with its unique PerioLase® MVP-7™ dental laser, taking advantage of the only wavelength proven to eradicate diseased tissues and bacteria without harming healthy gums. Only this Nd:YAG laser can safely treat gum disease and provide true regeneration of oral tissues after treatment. Our surgeons have completed the required hands-on training to become certified in this amazing alternative to conventional cut-and-sew gum surgery. Additionally, their training in oral and maxillofacial surgery and over 45 years of combined experience make them the go-to team for complex restorative treatments involving bone and tooth loss as a result of advanced periodontal disease. Alongside these procedures, LANAP treatment from our team can help you realize better health, function, and quality of life by treating your gum disease and restoring lost tissues, bone, and teeth.

Our Personalized LANAP Treatment

LANAP is a comfortable and efficient procedure that we complete right in our office, generally in only one appointment. During the procedure, we’ll use the PerioLase MVP-7™ dental laser to gently vaporize diseased tissues and clear the periodontal pockets between your teeth of bacteria. Next, using a specialized instrument, the tartar accumulation is removed from the teeth at and below the gumline. The bone around each tooth may also be reshaped to help support the tissues. Finally, we use the dental laser to formulate healthy blood clots in the pockets, seal the gums around the teeth, and stimulate the regeneration of new tissues. With minimal downtime and a fast return to normal activities, our LANAP treatments provide numerous immediate and long-term benefits.

The Lasting Benefits of LANAP

  • Minimal pain, bleeding, and sensitivity
  • Little-to-no gum tissue loss
  • Minimal post-op downtime
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Immediate and lasting outcomes
  • Safe for patients on blood thinners
  • Regeneration of new gum tissues

Treat Periodontal Disease with Laser Gum Treatment. Dr. Laun & Dr. Choi discuss LANAP

LANAP® Treatment Protocol

  • A.   Periodontal probe indicates excessive pocket depth
  • B.  PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser energy selectively vaporizes bacteria, endotoxins, diseased tissues, and denatures pathologic proteins
  • C.  Ultrasonic scaler tips remove root surface tartar
  • D.   Bone is modified to release stem cells
  • E.  PerioLase MVP-7 finishes cleaning pocket, stimulates natural growth factors, and aids in sealing the pocket closed so new germs cannot enter
  • F.   Healing of gums to clean root surface occurs
  • G.   New attachment is regenerated
LANAP procedure

Patient Benefits of LANAP®

LANAP® is minimally invasive and allows the body to recover and heal more quickly.

Patients report less discomfort during and after surgery.

Most patients can immediately return to their daily routine.

Because the procedure doesn’t require cutting the gums, there is less risk of recession and your beautiful smile is maintained.

The PerioLase® MVP-7™ targets inflammatory bacteria without injuring healthy tissue.

Patients can keep their natural teeth sometimes even when the teeth have been deemed ‘hopeless’ with traditional treatments. Keeping your natural teeth has been linked to a longer lifespan!

LANAP® protocol is safe for patients with health concerns such as diabetes, HIV, hemophilia, or those taking medications such as Plavix or aspirin.

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