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Specializing in Surgical Orthodontics

Traditional orthodontic treatment is a time-tested and proven solution for straightening crooked teeth, even in cases of severe malocclusion. However, if you’re faced with the possibility of spending years in braces, consider receiving surgical orthodontics in Carbondale, IL from our experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons, Dr. Billy Laun and Dr. Frederick Gustave. Combining your orthodontic therapy with minor oral surgery, including surgical orthodontics and palatal expansion, can significantly reduce your treatment length and get you to a beautiful, straight smile in less time!

When to Consider Surgical Orthodontics

If you are interested in shorter orthodontic treatment and the predictability of longer-lasting results, surgical orthodontics is a solution your orthodontist may recommend. Orthodontics, while effective at moving teeth, do not introduce significant changes to the bone itself. Thus, treatment can take multiple years to complete to avoid damaging the teeth and bone, with results that may not last long-term. With the addition of surgical orthodontics to your current orthodontic treatment, our oral surgeons can help facilitate safer and faster movement of your teeth and greater predictability of tooth position, with long-lasting outcomes. For cases involving skeletal issues, such as a narrow palate, that are affecting orthodontic therapy, our oral surgeons also specialize in surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion to create room for all teeth to be straightened in the upper arch.
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Specializing in Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical orthodontics is a safe and highly effective type of surgical orthodontics that uses established, proven techniques that have been around for decades. If you’re a candidate for surgical orthodontics, you’ll undergo this surgery once you have begun orthodontic therapy. This surgery requires the precision and trained eye of an oral surgeon to be effective while minimizing the alteration to the bone. Our oral surgeons are comprehensively trained in the surgical orthodontics technique and utilize their specialized training in orofacial surgery and over 45 years of combined surgical experience to provide predictable, effective care. Additionally, with training and licensing to offer full anesthesia solutions in-house, we can ensure your treatment will be comfortable and pain-free as well.

During your surgery, we’ll carefully remove some of the alveolar bone (the portion of the jaw that holds the teeth). As a result, the mineral content of the bone is temporarily reduced, allowing for more rapid tooth movement before the softened bone fully heals. This also allows for more specific tooth movements that may not otherwise have been possible. When this process is finished a few months later, the bone surrounding your tooth roots will be stronger than before, securing a longer-lasting outcome of your orthodontic treatment. Many patients who combine braces with surgical orthodontics in Carbondale, IL can complete their treatment in an average of just 3-8 months!

The Amazing Benefits of surgical orthodontics

  • Orthodontic treatment up to 4x faster
  • More predicably long-lasting outcomes
  • Reduced risk of gum recession
  • Healthier, stronger bone around teeth
  • Minimal chance of teeth reverting

Don’t spend years in braces.

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